Saturday, July 19, 2014

Medan - Pre Arm liposuction (dr arthur)

I am now at medan doing liposuction for my arms.

Reason for choosing medan: dr arthur is so famous with his good result and result.

Email communication with his assistant Jennifer, she replied like within 2days max.

Before you are accepted, you will need to:
- send your pic for their review
- accept their tnc which was if u wanna do arms (4areas), thighs (7areas), tummy( 5/7 areas cant rmb), calf (3areas).. you cant sae like you feel ur armpit no nid to lipo den u dun wana lipo that area. Its a "package".
- go for blood test at paragon (about sgd90)

After you are accepted, you may then:
- Choose airline date see when is the cheapest (silkair nowadays cheaper due to hv check in, foods onboard, choose seats, no booking fee, mre spacious)
- give jennifer some dates so she can check if those dates available
-secured surgury date and then proceed with book airline date.

Things to prepare:
- pre medication
- compression garment
(jennifer will inform u what to buy n prepare)

- do allow at least 4d3n stay here
- stay in clinic is the best. They hv everything u wan here. Free wifi (sux at times.kip cant connect), free breakfast, free dvd, free cable tv, free driver sent u ard medan shopping, friendly nurses, free massages daily.
- airport transfer sgd22 one way (allow 1.5hrs travelling time)

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