Saturday, July 19, 2014

Korea - Rhinplastory (Shim)

Last year May 2013, i went korea, Shim clinic did rhinplastory.

Reason i choose this was its specialise in dping nose and doctor jung kinda famous.

They arranged free pick up service from airport to their clinic for consultation.

After consultation and letting them know what i wan, NATURAL. they then proceeded ask mi made payment and perform surgury nxt day.

Nurses there usually speak mandarin. And there were quite lots of china customers. I overheard a china gal sae her nose look imbalance and insist redo and etc.

I look kinda plastic for next 4mths. my fren sae i look like fox and some sae my nose one big one small left right imbalance as well.  But i guess its due to swelling.

One yr have passed.  My nose look really natural and no scar. But i have sensitive nose now. Idk isit due to that that.

Pain level: 1/10 (no pain at all.the only thing i feel is when they tried remove stitches)
Result: 6/10
Overall experience: 7/10

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