Saturday, July 19, 2014

korea - liposuction (365mc)

If u read my previous post, apart of doing nose.. i did also liposuction at 365mc.

Reason for choosing tis, cuz its hospital who did only lipo and weight loss. 

I am not fat.
Weight: 52kg

But my tummy just kana big and thighs huge as well. So since im at korea.. might as well get it all done dun wanna waste a trip. 

If u are overseas customer, u wun be able to do get their weight loss slimmin pills and some of the RF sessions (according to them, they nid to custom those sessions for u blablabla..wadever) 

During consultation... they use the fat detector machine to "show" mi my fats under my skins. In the end they sae i can only do inner thigh, tummy, love handler. 

Well wad to do.. since im tere, i just do it. 

The doc sae since i onli do inner thigh dun gt compression. So i onli get the body compression for my tummy. 

Day 2, nurse ask mi to soak my HOT water so blood will flow and wun b swellin n bruise. 

Seriously due to wad she sae im in pain for at least 2mths and slpless for 1mth. Cuz its freak ToO pain. 

In the end i went doc and was told hot water will burst my blood vessel and will make everything worse. 

End result.. tummy did flattened and inner thigh mre "straight". Soso result. Cost mi a BOMB. Cant rmb how much exactly 6-8k sgd. 

Pain: 10/10 (after effects bruise and swelling)
Result: 4/10
overall experience: 5/10
comment: do not go 365mc. 


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