Sunday, July 27, 2014

medan - post liposuction (arms)


Its about 10days after my lipo.

At day 6 after my lipo, my wounds all healed. I suggest u buy 2sets of compression and pls buy long sleeve kind instead of those only covered your upper arms. I bought 2xu at queentown $62. I tink its good.i also bought guardian one $10. Its good but not tight enough and quality like quite bad. But can use still.. if budgeT, den buy guardian one is good enough.

Today is day 10, im 95% recovered. (Other then the  2bruises and lump). I noted tat those area never put on compression tends to hv hard lumps.

Attached my before and day10 pic fyi.
My butterfly arms no mre and can see my back.

will update again:))

Medan - liposuction (arms)

Day 1
Reached medan. Immigrater damn scary. Ask mi wad am i doing here, where i stay, who i with, prove of return flight tix.Jennifer will advise how to ans.

Driver reached airport waited for me and sent me to dr arthur clinic. Journey about 75min from airport. Nurses already waited at the door. Ask me fill in application form, payment method, lipo area and keep my passport.

Pass mi my room key and show around the house. There was 7/8rooms and living room. Dr stay in room 1. Room 1 and 2 is in living room. Attached bathroom is room 5 and 6. wifi sux there. U cant connect at all unless you go to living room. Recommend you get you own sim or stay at room 2.

Day 2
Wake up early. Called them to serve breakfast. Never order their nasi lemak. It sux. Best is beehoon goreng. The rest of my day i just ordered that.

After my breakfast, the nurse took my weight and body mass, length, bmi etc as per normal. Den i went for consultation w dr arthur. First time he said was "u lost lots of weights huh.. den stay put w it la. Why wanna come here.." i like "......." den i insisted of doing (since i alrdy there). So have a good tok w him. He super friendly and frank. Very open w his views and can feel his passion abt his job.

Very soon, he wanted to start immediate. I like huh... i wanna go walkwalk first (i scare after lipo i cant walk or wad.. at least walk n shop before feel beta ma). so he asked driver to send mi to carrerfour walkwalk and lunch for abt 1hr.

Reached clinic.. eat pain killer.. inject drip.. dr as usual took before pic.. den took video of how and wad he gg to do.. explain how much fats i have and how badly 365mc done.. (you can youtube all his videos "dr arthur medan" should be lots).

As usual apply idoine on areas i wanna lipo. Den ask mi lie down the bed.. den he inject LA to my arms and he start lipo-ing.

I suppose to sleep or drowsy on off.. but im so talkative that i kip on tokin to him thru out the whole session.. and i can even one arm lipo-ing, another one take out my phone and video how he lipo my arm.

Pain lvl: 3/10 (basically i feel nth much. Other den can feel him push n pull the syring)

very fast it ended. Mayb abt 2hrs?! I stil ask him arghh finish le?? So fast. Why i nv slp? Lols

Next i went to recovery room. I super awake. Bt nurse ask mi to rest. Sae my heart beat too fast le no good. So listened to her.. i fall aslp.

I vomitted twice. Guess due to LA. Den i kip slp n slp n slp from 5plus til nxt day. On off nurse and dr came in few times to check on mi. Bt i just super tired. Din bother whoever came in the room.

Day 3
wakeup, eat, go to nurse drain my wounds. I have 10incision in total. No massage. But nurses drain blood from my body. The blood ma chiam shooting like tt shoot out. After drainage, doc came see if everything ok.

Next i request go shopping. Lol. I feel perfectly ok. So doc granted and ask his driver sent mi go shopping.

Day 4
As usual, wakeup, eat, massage..

Massage was ok. Feel alil sore but everything fine.

And i went shopping again. Thks driver:))

Basically, the best buy is cheap things at super market. Cheapest is medan plaze super market compare to lottemarket and carrrfour. ohya.. cam buy their polo lauren at Lottemart shop centre. (Dun buy polo. Fake one). Foods there super cheap oso. I everyday eat out eat resturants. Lol

Day 5
wake up, eat, maSsage, check out..

Brought back my 1litre of fats from my arms.

Driver bring mi go buy kueh lapis cuz i requested. About sgd11 for a big piece. Taste alright (Some of my frens sae is nice when i bring bk for them to try) but tere is beta out tere). Airport selling sgd8 btw but diff brands.

Check in my flight and fyi, airport tax payable at idr200 000 per pax to be pay onli in cash and in idr currency. Do kip aside of the money.

The whole process was good. I tried laser and traditional lipo. I must sae korea laser lipo sux. W tis traiditional lipo by dr arthur, i can basically bk to normal activities immediately.  Korea one gif hard time in recovering process.

Attached some pic fyi. (Contact me directly for more pic on lipo due to privacy)

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Medan - Pre Arm liposuction (dr arthur)

I am now at medan doing liposuction for my arms.

Reason for choosing medan: dr arthur is so famous with his good result and result.

Email communication with his assistant Jennifer, she replied like within 2days max.

Before you are accepted, you will need to:
- send your pic for their review
- accept their tnc which was if u wanna do arms (4areas), thighs (7areas), tummy( 5/7 areas cant rmb), calf (3areas).. you cant sae like you feel ur armpit no nid to lipo den u dun wana lipo that area. Its a "package".
- go for blood test at paragon (about sgd90)

After you are accepted, you may then:
- Choose airline date see when is the cheapest (silkair nowadays cheaper due to hv check in, foods onboard, choose seats, no booking fee, mre spacious)
- give jennifer some dates so she can check if those dates available
-secured surgury date and then proceed with book airline date.

Things to prepare:
- pre medication
- compression garment
(jennifer will inform u what to buy n prepare)

- do allow at least 4d3n stay here
- stay in clinic is the best. They hv everything u wan here. Free wifi (sux at times.kip cant connect), free breakfast, free dvd, free cable tv, free driver sent u ard medan shopping, friendly nurses, free massages daily.
- airport transfer sgd22 one way (allow 1.5hrs travelling time)

korea - liposuction (365mc)

If u read my previous post, apart of doing nose.. i did also liposuction at 365mc.

Reason for choosing tis, cuz its hospital who did only lipo and weight loss. 

I am not fat.
Weight: 52kg

But my tummy just kana big and thighs huge as well. So since im at korea.. might as well get it all done dun wanna waste a trip. 

If u are overseas customer, u wun be able to do get their weight loss slimmin pills and some of the RF sessions (according to them, they nid to custom those sessions for u blablabla..wadever) 

During consultation... they use the fat detector machine to "show" mi my fats under my skins. In the end they sae i can only do inner thigh, tummy, love handler. 

Well wad to do.. since im tere, i just do it. 

The doc sae since i onli do inner thigh dun gt compression. So i onli get the body compression for my tummy. 

Day 2, nurse ask mi to soak my HOT water so blood will flow and wun b swellin n bruise. 

Seriously due to wad she sae im in pain for at least 2mths and slpless for 1mth. Cuz its freak ToO pain. 

In the end i went doc and was told hot water will burst my blood vessel and will make everything worse. 

End result.. tummy did flattened and inner thigh mre "straight". Soso result. Cost mi a BOMB. Cant rmb how much exactly 6-8k sgd. 

Pain: 10/10 (after effects bruise and swelling)
Result: 4/10
overall experience: 5/10
comment: do not go 365mc. 

Korea - Rhinplastory (Shim)

Last year May 2013, i went korea, Shim clinic did rhinplastory.

Reason i choose this was its specialise in dping nose and doctor jung kinda famous.

They arranged free pick up service from airport to their clinic for consultation.

After consultation and letting them know what i wan, NATURAL. they then proceeded ask mi made payment and perform surgury nxt day.

Nurses there usually speak mandarin. And there were quite lots of china customers. I overheard a china gal sae her nose look imbalance and insist redo and etc.

I look kinda plastic for next 4mths. my fren sae i look like fox and some sae my nose one big one small left right imbalance as well.  But i guess its due to swelling.

One yr have passed.  My nose look really natural and no scar. But i have sensitive nose now. Idk isit due to that that.

Pain level: 1/10 (no pain at all.the only thing i feel is when they tried remove stitches)
Result: 6/10
Overall experience: 7/10